10 Minute Museum

A project by IMAGINARY

Our logo

August 28, 2020

We built the 10 Minute Museums project logo out of the combination of three symbols:

  • a tesseract, a “box” with four dimensions that packs many surprises when you play with it;
  • a map location pin, because a 10 Minute Museum is a place worth finding and visiting;
  • the 60-degree angle that represents 10 minutes in a clock face.

logo construction

The tesseract seen from the front is similar to a web, a network of ideas around a central subject.

The font we used is Rubik, an open-licensed font created by Sebastian Fischer and Philipp Hubert for an exhibition about Rubik’s cube. Its letters neatly fit on squares, which reflects the modular construction of a 10 Minute Museum. It’s practical and straightforward, but with friendly rounded corners.

Our first drafts tried playing with the name and the idea of a short visit to the museum. We tried the Hilbert curve, a more straightforward loop, and a snake path, but legibility was a problem, as was the idea of a very linear experience.

ideas 1

These next ideas played with adding an extra dimension and less linearity. We were pleased with the concepts visually, but they were still too hard to read.

ideas 2

Representing the shape of a 10 Minute Museum as a cube, although it added an extra dimension, was still too reductive. The hypercube concept came out of this search for a simple shape that could hold a world of possibilities within.

For our final logo, we changed the word Museum to plural, so each 10 Minute Museum identifies itself as part of a hopefully worldwide network. Together with our 10 Minute Museum Construction Kit, we’re going to provide a free license so you can use our logo and announce your creation here.